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Our Services

Our sessions are led by a licensed and extensively certified Physical Therapist, who has further trained in Pilates, to maximize your recovery and/or fitness goals. Below you will find a summary of the ailments our customers will typically exhibit.

Throughout your treatment program, we continually re-assess your signs,  symptoms and progress. As pain decreases and the range of motion and quality of movement increases, your treatment is adjusted accordingly and stays inline with your needs.​

Our goal is to return you to function and show you how to continue with your fitness regime.

General discomfort

Back, Neck and Spinal Pain Whiplash, Discs, Sciatica, Trapped Nerves, Muscle Pain, Postural Related Pain or Chronic Pain

Sports Injuries & Recover

Sports Injuries Tendon and Ligament Sprains, Acute Muscle Injuries/Tears

Repetitive Strain Type Injuries Tennis elbow, Wrist Pain, Shin Splints

Pre & Post Natal

Ante natal and post natal related conditions​


Scoliosis, Back Stiffness and Pain

Wear & Tear

Joint Pain Arthritis, Cartilage Problems, Function related Aches and Pains

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