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We offer 50 minute sessions , led by a licensed Physical Therapist, who has further trained in Pilates, to maximize your recovery and / or fitness goals.

Throughout your treatment program, we continually re-assess your signs and symptoms. As pain decreases and the range of motion and quality of movement increases, your treatment is adjusted accordingly and stays inline with your current needs.

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Back, Neck and Spinal Pain Whiplash, Discs, Sciatica, Trapped Nerves, Muscle Pain, Postural Related Pain or Chronic Pain
Sports Injuries Tendon and Ligament Sprains, Acute Muscle Injuries/Tears
Overuse Injuries
Repetitive Strain Type Injuries Tennis elbow, Wrist Pain, Shin Splints
Joint Pain Arthritis, Cartilage Problems, Function related Aches and Pains
Rehabilitation after Surgery or Fracture Muscles, Joints, Nerves, Ligaments, Tendons
Ante natal and post natal Related Conditions


manual therapy including Maitland joint mobilizations, as per the Maitland-Austalian Approach
soft tissue work,
correction of muscle imbalance,
postural advice and
progressive exercise programs utilizing Polestar Pilates methods
taping / strapping
ergonomic advice


Your first visit will consist of an 'Initial Evaluation and Treatment'. During this session a comprehensive history is taken and a full physical assessment is performed so will have identified your main problems, treatment goals and formulated a personal treatment plan.

Depending on your treatment and wellness plan, we offer either Session by Session, or Multi-Session Wellness packs.

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