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Watts Physical Therapy and Pilates specializes in a wide range of medical services to get patients feeling healthier than ever before. And while we offer top-of-the-line treatments that help you get better and achieve your goals, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure you maintain them.

We aim to help you achieve your goals of decreasing pain, restoring range of movement, correcting movement patterns, and improving muscle strength and stability. This will, in turn, result in the return of function with minimum stress on your joints and soft tissues.


At Watts Physical Therapy and Pilates we are dedicated to our patients and provide our un-divided attention to you and your health.

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Here For You


At Watts PT and Pilates we rely on our reputation and client references to help sustain our business. Below is a sample of some of the kind words our patients have to say about our services.

“I started working with Stephanie about one year ago, six months after having back surgery (L5-S1 microdiscectomy). After a series of disappointing experiences with a number of physical therapists, I was seeking someone who combined PT expertise as well a physical training approach (exercise is an important part of my life). Stephanie fit the need perfectly. She has deep knowledge about physiology and PT and is an experienced Pilates trainer. She is focused on assessing individual needs as they evolve through the recovery process and designs routines that meet those needs through a combination of Pilates and PT techniques. I have made great progress working with her, so much so that I continue my sessions even today. I highly recommend Stephanie!”

Sudhir G

“Stephanie Watts is amazing. I have dealt with chronic back pain since my now seven year old was born and have tried every type of therapy but nothings has worked as good as my work with Stephanie. I first started out with her doing just Pilates about four years ago to strengthen my core. During that time I was also going to a separate physical therapist but not having good results. However I had a good run of limited pain until a few months ago I had a major set back. As a result I now see Stephanie for both Pilates and Physical Therapy. I could not twist or bend but now I am almost back to normal. Her Physical therapy is above par to all those I have endured in the past. Pilates joined with amazing therapy by Watts Physical Therapy & Pilates has been a life changer for me!”

Cynthia S

“I have been having private Pilates instruction for about 8 months and I highly recommend Stephanie. I have bad knees and an injured shoulder. She's been great! She understands how to do modifications while still helping me get stronger."

Denise W

Stephanie Watts is really great to work with in lower back issues. She has been working with me to strengthen my core, increase my flexibility and educate me about my movement.  Being an avid bicyclist I have some areas that are very strong, but others that need attention. She has designed a daily routine that does not need any special equipment and is not overly time consuming.  As such it is easy to keep it up.  The results have been great.  Every two weeks we meet and add or modify the routine and also use the pilates equipment to isolate those hard to exercise muscles.  The sessions are hard, productive and fun.  This combination cannot be any better when dealing with lower back pain.

Jay G

I saw Stephanie following knee surgery, having already been to several other therapists who failed to help me. Stephanie invested lots of time doing a proper , thorough examination, focused on my specific issues, I was more than a number. With her help I was able to return to to my previous activities and be pain free. I would highly recommend her. I wish I had seen her earlier.

Sam R


(925) 456-4615

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